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who is porter?

Porter Billing Services specializes in funding solutions for the transportation industry through capital freight factoring. Porter serve small to mid-sized trucking companies throughout the United States by providing a flexible, entrepreneurial approach to the working capital needs of our clients. They have been in business for over 25 years and have a combined 100 years of operations experience.

freight factoring

Porter provides its clients with:

SAME DAY funding with up to 100% advances

Dedicated client representatives

Monthly contracts available

No reserve requirements on 1 or 2 trucks

Flat rate pricing

freight finding

Porter's dispatch consultant will:

Set you up with brokers that will give you freight


Book all loads under your MC


Dispatch for:
Reefers, hotshots, flatbeds, vans and power-onls

freight fuel cards

Porter's fuel cards provide you with:

Fuel advances of 45% of the load

Discounts up to $0.50 plus off the cash price at major chains

freight friends

Porter's industry partners:



Carrier Set-Up

Equipment Finance

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PH: 541-248-1816

F: 888-430-8896

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